Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Question For the Next Press Conference

There is an impertinent question I would ask if I were a reporter at one of President Bush’s rare press conferences. It would simply be an attempt to get him to consider another point of view. Here it is for use by Britt Hume, or any other White House Press Corps reporter.

"Mr. President, we know of your commitment to fighting terrorists and to spreading democracy in the Middle East. We also know how proud you are of our troops and the sacrifices they are making to help accomplish your mission in Iraq. We are also aware that military recruitment numbers have been going down in recent months.

"Given your commitments and those figures, Sir, have you thought of the positive effects on both the general support for the war and military recruitment if you were to convince either one or both of your daughters to join the army and request duty in Iraq?"

I am sure many others have thought of the same question in different words. I am also sure it will not be asked in any way. But maybe it should be.

We as a nation seem more willing to accept military sacrifices and deaths when it is other people’s kids who are fighting. Would our government be so willing to start a war if the Constitution mandated, "The first to become warriors in any war that is initiated by the United States will be the sons, daughters, and grandchildren between the ages of eighteen and forty-five of all elected and appointed Federal officials"?

What I am saying is simple: would we have invaded Iraq if the Bush twins and Cheney’s daughters and all the sons and daughters of all the members of the Cabinet and our elected congress had been required to go?

If the answer is, "No, the United States would not then have started the Iraqi war," perhaps we need to ask just how committed our leaders really are and how necessary starting the war really was.


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Keep those questions coming!

8/03/2005 6:25 PM  
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