Thursday, July 28, 2005

Toilet Training for Adults

There is a commercial on television for some brand of toilet tissue that has one of the actors mention the female bug-a-boo about males leaving the toilet seat up. I remember both Ann Landers and Dear Abby often gave attention to that complaint in more militant feminist years of the recent past.

One of the advice twins wrote once that any man who was a gentleman would position the seat, "as it should be," in the lowered position for the convenience of his female partner.

I was tempted to write and suggest that, conversely, then, any woman who was a lady would raise the seat when finished to provide for the convenience of her male partner. Equality of toilet training seemed one sided. But the issue has diminished in frequency of complaint, until the new commercial.

My experience tells me that nearly all toilets in private homes have both a seat and a lid. Female complaints are never that the seat and lid are both left open. They complain only that the seat is left up. Women say that leaves the sewer open, makes a visual statement that chauvinist men can stand to pee, makes it necessary for the women to put the seat down before sitting, and/or startles those who don’t check it first when they sit on cold porcelain.

Almost all women whose home bathrooms I have observed leave the seat down but the lid up when they finish. That is, like the men who leave both the seat and lid up, women also leave the toilet positioned as it was when they finished using the facility, also with the sewer open. The sexes seem equal in that. Go check it out.

Perhaps a civilized solution to the "problem" could be found if both sexes were toilet trained to close the "sewer" by lowering both the seat and the lid. Or what is the lid "for"?

Not only would that allow those colorful terry cloth toilet lid covers to show, but it would also prevent family dogs from drinking out of the toilet and then dripping water off their floppy ears all around the house.

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Anonymous gen said...

I laugh a lot at this toilet paper commercial but also find that having raised 3 sons and one husband for years I fought a loosing battle of the toilet seat. I mellowed in later years and except for late at night I sometimes even leave the seat up on purpose out of deference to the only man in the house now. I did that once at night though and late when he tried to quietly go in and visit the facilities in the dark and let out a semi scream as he sank to the depths of the cold water I decided that was enough pay back. It does make sense to put both the lid and the seat down most of the time though except when one is used to having the lid up and visit late at night in the dark it would be almost like sitting when someone had stretched handiwrap tightly under the seat as a practical joke. Oh well I guess we can't win them all can we?

8/07/2005 7:06 PM  

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