Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Design of Bush's Intelligence

One way human intellect is displayed is through language. That seems obvious, I know. Two good examples of language showcasing intellect appeared in the morning paper.

Condoleeza Rice is quoted about the death of Peter Jennings: "Peter Jennings represented all that was best in journalism and public service. A man of integrity, his reporting was a guide to all of us who aspire to better the world around us. I learned from him and was inspired by him." One can question what she means by "all that was best," or how his reporting guided her in her aspirations. But the response does display a high intellect at work when asked to comment on Jennings’ death.

Compare that to the remarks made by President George W. Bush. His words might serve as an entry in the next edition of the Little Golden Book Encyclopedia for Kindergarten. He is quoted as saying, "Peter Jennings had a long and distinguished career as a news journalist. He covered many important events, events that helped define the world as we know it today."

I shake my head wondering if there is a "non-news" category of journalist. I also speculate about what the Bush definition is of the world as he knows it today. But that aside, the President’s comments are certainly another glimpse into the design of the man’s intelligence.

Reading his shallow level of communication, I am taunted to define the Bush legacy for an edition of the same kindergarten encyclopedia to be printed after his term ends: "George W. Bush was a President of the United States of America. He held the office during a time of many important events, events that helped define the world as we know it today."


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