Monday, August 22, 2005

It's a commercial world

Lately I have noticed that television commercials not only take up more of each hour than ever, but they also are getting sillier. There are some that had me thinking they were satires of real commercials the first time I saw them. But no. They are some ad agency's idea of real commercials.

For one example, there is a table scene with a family gathered around a meal. A bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a liter of Pepsi! And the simpering man of the house says something about how great it is to "have a regular meal together." It is not supposed to be funny, folks!

Then there is an ad for yet one more medication we are all supposed to ask our doctors about, for it may be just what we need. I missed the name and what it is supposed to cure. But the list of possible side effects seemed long enough to be satire, for sure. Turns out it also is serious. At the beginning and again at the end, an announcer glosses over the information that there is only slight chance of sexual side effects. And those effects are not listed. Instead we get a long litany of other possible problems, including stroke, liver failure, high blood pressure, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

It has me curious, perhaps by intent. Enough with the depression, liver failure, and thoughts of suicide! I want to know more about the sexual side effects, whatever the slight chances are for their occurrence. Of course, they may actually be something people would welcome. Like the commercial for that performance enhancing drug that tells you if an erection lasts for more than four hours, you should tell your doctor. I'll bet there are guys who would brag to everyone, not just to their doctors!


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