Thursday, August 18, 2005

Whether Source or Phantom, Something Illegal Transpired

A friend has spelled out a possible third case scenario in the continuing incarceration story of Judy Miller for refusing a Grand Jury order to reveal her source regarding the revelation of a CIA operative's name.

In the article below, I suggested that Miller is either choosing to remain in jail to protect a journalistic principal of confidentiality, or she is choosing to protect the source, itself. A slight distinction, but still, a distinction.

Using the same induction/deduction procedures of Sherlock Holmes, who could seldom have proved his cases had the criminals not confessed when confronted with his reasoning, I suggested that since we already know that Rove and Libby talked to reporters,then if either of them is the Miller source,they must have told her more than they told others, more that would get them into trouble.

And if neither Rove nor Libby is Miller's source, I reasoned, then there is someone else who is. And that someone, obviously, is willing to stay anonymous and allow Miller to languish in jail rather than release her from her promise of confidentiality. It follows, then, that if that is the case, the person hiding his or her involvement while Miller stays in jail is afraid that the truth will bring charges of illegal revelations or even criminal intent. Whoever is hoping Miller will remain in jail and not reveal her source must know what was revealed was wrong. Or why not come forward? Simple logic. I mean, if you were the source and had done nothing illegal in talking to Miller, would you allow her to spend all this time in jail in order to stay anonymous? Of course you would not.

My friend has a third possibility. "What if," he writes,"there was no Miller source? What if she made up her story, based on what others had already written and Beltway gossip plus her own 'knowledge' of possibilities? What if her 'source' doesn't exist? Wouldn't Judy Miller rather stay in jail until the Grand Jury adjourns in October than confess that she made up her news story and source?"

Anything is possible, perhaps especially within Beltway journalism and politics. Still, I'm betting that Miller has integrity. I am going with the notion that someone yet unknown is hiding uncomfortably while hoping Miller continues to protect him or her from charges of illegalities that would be revealed if he/she were identified. I'll say it again: if nothing illegal transpired, why not come forward?


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