Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is the answer a strong third party, or another revolution?

LOS ANGELES TIMES syndicated columnist Cal Thomas has for years been an outspoken supporter of the far right wing of the Republican Party. His consistently conservative position has almost never strayed from the tenets of Republicanism held dear by Goldwater and Reagan and the ultra right wing religious neo-cons of recent years. And he has been a staunch supporter of nearly all Republicans.

I was, therefore, surprised to read the following in Thomas’ column on March 22, 2006: “The Senate vote increased the debt ceiling for the fourth time in five years. The statutory debt limit has now risen by more than $3 trillion since President Bush took office. That any Republican majority could preside over such fiscally irresponsible spending ought to be grounds for revoking their party membership.”

Ouch! Bush has vetoed exactly zero spending bills, you know! Zero bills of any kind.

Thomas continued, “This is mostly about politics, not terrorism. Republicans fear that only gobs of money will endear them to voters in sufficient numbers to re-elect their increasingly precarious majority.” And he asks, “Why should Republicans be re-elected when one of the major reasons the GOP exists is to reduce the size and cost of government and free more people to do for themselves instead of restricting their liberties through big government.”

Double ouch!

Thomas points out that the immense national debt is largely owned by countries that are, or who could become, our enemies. He mentions that Republican Calvin Coolidge and Democrat Bill Clinton left office with a surplus. “That a Republican Congress and administration are engaging in such promiscuous spending is obscene.”

Such obscenity seems to me to be dangerous to our national security, as well.

There is more. Thomas criticizes Republican increased spending for health and education programs and the folly of the money spent on No Child Left Behind when there is no evidence that increased money alone increases learning.

Thomas can’t quite advocate voting for Democrats, however. He assumes in print that they would be as guilty of deficit spending as the Bush League, even after mentioning the budget surplus of Democrat Clinton.

So what is the Thomas solution? “Maybe it’s time for a strong third party or, failing that, another revolution.”

Is Cal Thomas calling for American armed insurrection? Or simply a voter revolution at the polls? It is hard to tell.

It is, indeed, a different world, however, when I read that Cal Thomas seems to feel the Republican Party has left him! I know many other Republicans who feel the same way these days. Perhaps that includes most of the increasing number of registered Independents. But Cal Thomas?

Years ago Walter Cronkite broadcast his changed view that Viet Nam was a lost cause, and that we should not be fighting there. LBJ said something to the effect that he knew it was over when he lost the support of Cronkite. Soon after, he announced that he would not seek another term.

Well, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and the other puppeteers pulling the strings of the Bush League should similarly shake in their boots to read that ultra-conservative Cal Thomas is now advocating either a third party or a revolution as alternatives to voting Republican!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on! But don't count the Republicans out. They have perected the tactic of promoting fear to stay in office. The daily fear reports are already starting to pile up (rifleman on a roof; bomb in a car; etc.) and the terrorist warnings will begin again as the election nears.

3/24/2006 3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you and also with the first anonymous. You can bet the farm that we will get more terrorist scares as the mid term election approaches. The self-described "war president" knows what keeps the voters scared enough to vote his way.

3/26/2006 6:09 PM  
Anonymous Ogden Smapp said...

Bush league? More apt is "Bush Crime Family.

The last thing we need is yet another party. Already there are dozens.

Think about this: Because the Fatah party was divided into three sub parties, the Hamas Terrorist party was swept into power.

In America, the Democratic, the Green, the Communist, the sundry independent parties so divided amongst themselves the opposition vote to the Republican Terrorist party that it became a lost cause.

When the people fail to unite against thieves, liars and thugs, they get what they deserve: Republicans.

4/09/2006 10:57 AM  
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