Thursday, April 20, 2006

he didn't do it, and he won't do it again...

Most pundits say that President Bush will not fire Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Critics claim that firing him would be an admission of error on Bush’s part. One report claims Bush said it would be like firing himself. Now there is an idea!

Cynics among us say snidely that Bush won’t fire Rummy because the President doesn’t really have that authority. Rumsfeld, under that acid statement, is seen as a part of the cabal pulling Bush’s strings. Rice, Rove, Cheney, and Rumsfeld may be the ones actually running the government. Bush would, therefore, need permission. From Rumsfeld.

Anyway, the Secretary of Defense has been doing a series of fluff interviews with non-critics, including Rush Limbaugh and Bill Cunningham, trying to increase his support level. On the Cunningham Show, Rumsfeld recently said the following about the retired generals’ criticism of his management of the war.

“Of course, the implication that there was something wrong with the war plan is amusing, almost, because of the fact that the war plan is fashioned by the combatant commanders, and it is reviewed in great detail by the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; then it’s recommended to me and the President.”

In other words, Rumsfeld is saying that there was nothing wrong with the Iraq war plan — and even if there was, the plan isn’t his. The “combatant commanders” and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are the ones who made the bad plan… although there is nothing wrong with it. And, don’t forget, the plan was ultimately sent to Bush.

So far, Rumsfeld hasn’t made those kinds of statements to the mainstream media, perhaps because he realizes a “pass the buck” strategy wouldn’t go over well. Except with his ultra-right wing base of ditto-heads.

A Fox News poll, no less, claims this week that Bush’s approval rating is now down to 33%, the lowest yet. Again, cynics among us wonder how there can still be that many ditto-heads.

Meanwhile, a new report of America’s war spending puts the monthly figure at nearly ten billion dollars for Iraq and Afghanistan. Almost ten billion dollars a month!

I wonder if there is anything we could spend that on in this country that might be more worthwhile than killing Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians and insurgents, and paying our contractors to rebuild what we destroy there, and feeding and giving free medical attention to all those peoples, and keeping our own troops in harms way as daily maiming and killing of soldiers continues, while Iraq moves ever closer to all out civil war.

We are told that our military presence is temporary. But huge, fortified, bases are being built and occupied in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Built by contractors making millions (billions?) for their government war work. One report claims that a large US base in Iraq has two fast food franchises and a car dealership inside the fences.

A temporary base.

I guess it depends on what the definition of “temporary” is.


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Anonymous buttercup said...

Isn't it good to know that some good is coming from the war? Profits for American businesses!

4/23/2006 10:58 AM  
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