Sunday, July 09, 2006

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People Magazine interviewed President Bush in the first week of July, 2006. Here are two of the questions and Bush’s responses, plus my commentary within brackets.

People: Could you and Al Gore ever be friends, like your dad and Bill Clinton?

Bush: I don't know. I know that Bill Clinton and I have got a very good relationship.

[Notice that the President hurries to say he and Clinton are friends, too! Bush wants us to know it isn’t only his dad who is now a friend of Bill. That whispers something about son vs. father, and it is not a response to the question. “Me, too!” he insists, after running against Clinton for the past six years!

[A strict grammarian might also mention the use of “got” with “have” as unnecessarily redundant and once even considered crudely non-standard. But strict grammarians have long ago given up on Bush practicing precise and effective communication skills.

[Bush moves further from the question at this point. What follows has nothing to do with any possible future friendship with Gore.]

Bush: In two and a half years I'll be a member of the ex-Presidents’ club. But I'm very busy these days. I've got a lot to do, and so I'm really not worrying much about my post-presidency. I have vowed that I will sprint to the finish line and use every moment I've got to achieve some big things.

[He is not worrying “much.” He is very busy with a lot to do. Evidence could make a case for that being a stretch. His handlers seem to ship him out of D.C. as often as they can; so, that may be another Bush whisper: “I have (got) to say I am busy, and then maybe I will appear to be.”

[Is “things” a precise word to describe what Bush vows to achieve? Do people achieve “things”? I suppose if one considers goals and accomplishments “things,” then “things” can be achieved. Still, it seems shoddy thinking/speaking.

[Wouldn’t a great follow-up at this point have been for People Magazine to ask what one or two of the “big things” are that he wants to achieve? Why does it seem that no one asks follow-up questions? When Bush vows “to use every moment I’ve got to achieve some big things,” it sounds like O.J. vowing he will search every day for the real killer.

[Also note that Bush used eleven personal pronouns in just seventy-two words! Of course the interview is about Bush. But such egocentric repetition whispers character revelations, nonetheless.

[And there is another use of “I’ve got.” That means, “I have got.” Again, the strict grammarian could mention the ugly redundancy of adding “got” to “have.” Perhaps the standard English alternative, “..every moment I have…” would help earn a better grade at Yale, even today.]

People: Do you think Gore is right on global warming?

Bush: I think we have a problem on global warming.

[Is this a first-time admission by the President that there is a problem? Good on you, People. Follow up! Or is Bush saying that the problem is the global warming issue? And, out of curiosity, is the problem “ON” global warming?]

Bush: I think there is a debate about whether it's caused by mankind or whether it's caused naturally, but it's a worthy debate.

[The debate is over! Bush says, “I think…” but he must know. His big time supporters polluting and contributing to the problem do not want him to say that, but he must know. No reputable scientist in the world doubts global warming, nor that mankind is hastening it. Bush must have heard that. His “worthy debate” add-on statement seems to be an attempt to placate both sides of the debate.

[Now look closely at the following reversal of Bush’s mind. You can see that he knows. He has said he thinks the debate is about whether mankind is causing warming or not, and then advances all the things he is “doing” to “solve” the debate, a statement that makes no sense. One does not “solve” debates. Bush probably means, “solve the global warming problem.” If so, then he is revealing that he thinks global warming is caused by humans, for his “solutions” are all meant to curb manmade activities adding to the problem.]

Bush: It's a debate, actually, that I'm in the process of solving by advancing new technologies, burning coal cleanly in electric plants, or promoting hydrogen-powered automobiles, or advancing ethanol as an alternative to gasoline.

[See? He knows.

[And he is “actually” solving the debate! How? Well, Bush is “advancing new technologies.” Why did People Magazine not ask about that?

[Bush is also “burning coal cleanly in electric plants.” I know, that’s nuts; but it is what he said he is doing. He must mean that he approves of companies doing that.

[“or” Bush is “promoting hydrogen-powered automobiles.” Do Halliburton and Exxon Mobil approve? What has he done to promote hydrogen power since mentioning it in a speech over two years ago? We need follow-up questions, People!

[“or” he is “advancing ethanol as an alternative to gasoline.” Right. Still, the translating of Bush’s response shows that he knows global warming is caused, in large part, by humans. So let’s hope that “solving the debate” “on” global warming is one of the “big things” Bush vows to use every moment he “has got” left as President to achieve. There is no bigger “thing.”]
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