Sunday, September 03, 2006

No news is good news, perhaps, for Republicans

Last July I drove from Phoenix to Las Vegas and then on to visit friends at Lake Tahoe. I just returned from three weeks of August vacation in the other direction. I drove across Arizona, New Mexico, the Texas Pan Handle, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Western Iowa. A side trip with friends from my hometown of Sioux City took us across South Dakota, then north and west, out to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the Badlands of North Dakota. The area may well be the best-kept secret in the park system. But that is another post.

The trip covered just over 5,700 miles. Add that to the approximately 1600 miles in July to Incline Village, Nevada, and I have traveled well over 7,300 miles this summer, all in the American “Heartland.” Never mind the photos. They are all great. And the friends and family. Even greater.

What I began to notice, slowly at first, was the lack of print information available in local newspapers to readers across America from Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, to Iowa and South and North Dakotas. Eleven states.

You know how it is when you travel. You watch little television and read few papers, grateful to have a vacation from the news of the day. We had laughed with friends in Nevada about the small town nature of news in the Reno paper. I thought little more about it, then. But on the later trip, I noticed slowly that there also was little world or national news in any of the other papers that I did take time to read along the way. And that discovery was made more apparent when I read my hometown Sioux City JOURNAL for August 23, 2006. The paper seems to have become a small town rag, boosting the area, but reporting little national or world news.

The paper contains not a word about Afghanistan. (I kept it as proof.) Almost no news from Iraq, none about the fighting. A tiny mention of Iran. No word of Lebanon, Israel, Syria, North Korea, trouble spots in Africa, nor even news from Cuba. No mention of Iraqi civilian deaths, American military casualties, or destruction in the Middle East.

Here is another finding, or lack of one, I found most amazing: There was no mention in the paper of George Bush, Dick Cheney, what is happening in Washington or with any of the Bush League politicians. The 100,000 residents of the metropolitan area served by the daily publication have to be calmed by the lack of troubling news! I thought for one happy moment that peace had broken out everywhere!

The front page has a feature on what makes small towns click. Small towns whose populations also subscribe to the JOURNAL. Another story tells of a neighboring community seeking input before building hiking/biking trails. Nearly half the page is given to a feature about a couple who make friends with wedding balloons. Could I make that up?

There is a four column wide photo of the couple and a two column one of a bride and groom exiting the church under a barrage of balloons. I haven’t read the story.

Inside are stories of a milk man who retired after 70 years delivering milk, a report of a grant given to a job training agency, and a feature about a couple who wed after a twenty-five year relationship. I haven’t read that one, either. There is a report that the county wants the state to pick up care costs. Three candidates are profiled briefly for the fifth district congressional race. A reporter has a column telling about finding an article written in 1958 which incorrectly predicted a number of things that were to come about by the year 2000, but didn’t.

There is a story of ten Russian women who will spend time in the area learning about women in leadership roles in America. None of the women leaders are journalists dedicated to reporting the news, I’ll wager.

A one-column wide, four-inch story on page seven tells of the Marine Corps planning to call up troops for active duty because enlistments are down, and more are needed in Iraq. But the story seems to emphasize that the problem is due in large part to recent reductions in troop numbers, always good news.

Following the opinions page, with no political opinions other than two about the recent George Allen faux pas, there is a page of comics. And on page 11, a short article headlines that Iran is ready for serious negotiations on the nuclear dispute. A soothing headline that invites readers to skip the story.

A six-page sports section shows that JOURNAL reporters work at getting local and state games covered. They also include stories on the PGA, Mets vs. Cardinals, and the Little League World Series. Far more news of what is going on in the sports world than in the political one.

Section “C” is labeled “Community.” Two more stories about Russia are there. A plane crashed. And in Spain, a Russian genius solved a 102 year-old problem.

On page five of that section is a five-inch, one column wide story reporting that Iraq has opened its own probe into the alleged rape and murder of a girl, “even though” the soldiers involved will face American military justice. That is the first sentence. Paragraph/sentence two moves to the capture of “more than 100 known or suspected al-Qaida terrorists.” Known or suspected? How many of each? None of them had anything to do with the alleged rape and murder. Why is that sentence in this story? The third, fourth and fifth sentences return to the soldiers' “alleged” crime and the Iraqi procedures for investigation. How many read all five sentences? Especially after the second one?

Remember, this is a daily newspaper serving a metropolitan area of more than 100,000. I know. That is not a huge circulation. But think about it. The readers of the JOURNAL are voters. As are readers of all the other “small town” papers I scanned on the trip through eleven states.

Many of those readers may be lulled into thinking everything is going well, since there is no report to the contrary, nor even a report of how well they think things are going. That’s the scary part.

I called a friend in Sioux City who has worked for the paper. He has contacts there yet. When I began my rant, he agreed quickly, interrupting me to say that he had talked to a reporter about the same thing. He was told the syndicate that owns the paper wants it that way. “They” want local features. Boosterism. Good news about locals, etc.

And that brings me to the question: “Why do ‘they’ want that?” Say it is all economics and that the good folks of Siouxland will buy more papers with stories of local people than they will buy papers that report what is going on in the world. But I doubt that is either true or their reason.

I found little political or world news in local papers anywhere in my travels! In fact there was far more “news” about Teddy Roosevelt in Madora, North Dakota, than of George Bush. I saw but one mention of the President, and that was a framed campaign button from 2000 hanging on the motel wall.

Liberal media? Not those at the head of newspaper syndicates who support the Bush League! I don’t know how many papers Lee Enterprises owns other than the Sioux City JOURNAL. But I assume they all get the same directives from the top management, designed to keep the readers from getting news without going to television or other sources. After all, voters can hardly be critical of the administration’s activities if they know little or nothing about those activities from their hometown papers.

A CNN broadcast at the end of the week reported that it had been one of the bloodiest weeks in Baghdad, ever. Readers of the JOURNAL who missed the broadcast do not know that. I wonder if many care.

And what of other newspaper syndicates? Are they supporters of those who run our puppet president? Or do they support reporting the news? I’d bet there are other media moguls in on what I see as the master plan of our national minister of propaganda, Karl Rove.

I'm a curmudgeon, but I may have stumbled onto a little part of that bigger plan. Admittedly, it was a limited survey, but it seems to me that those who daily stage the Presidency are keeping a sizeable number of the Republican “base” complacent and content by controlling the news that gets printed in local papers. And every vote counts. Except in Florida, 2000, or Ohio, 2004.

So, if a few thousand voters here and there in the Heartland are kept ill informed, there is a better chance they will continue to support those they voted into office, especially when they want so badly to believe their vote was right. And a few thousand voters here and there, as part of the overall plan, may help keep those in power, those who have purchased the President, the ones holding the strings to the puppet.

Did you read this week that the Army will hire a PR person to help news sources with stories painting the war in better tones? Really. It was reported in at least one paper. But perhaps not yours. Anyway, who came up with that idea? Shall we guess?

~ ~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think most voters fail to realize how many little plans effect the vote in many little ways that pile up to be a big number of manipulated ballots. Keep shining light on the commissars in charge.

9/06/2006 12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to feel really frightened, look up

They own 58 daily newspapers and many weeklies across the country. If their directives are the same to all, then they certainly are capable of managing a large portion of the news for millions of readers.

Thanks for the post. We need to look into this phenomena in America. Couple your findings with the information coming from D.C. about media siding with Ossama, the upcoming television show blaming Clinton for 9/11, etc., and there seems to be a real effort to manipulate us all!

9/07/2006 3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are always people who believe their government would not hurt the people of the country. Think of the Jews in Germany who could not believe the fascists would really come after them in the 1930s. Think of the various people who have been subjected to their own government's "ethnic cleansing."

I'll bet there are many Americans who would scoff at your post, saying that their government, those they voted for, would not manipulate them with lies or witholding of news.

Ask them to check the lies already told that led us into Iraq. I believe you are on to a plan by the Republican manipulators to keep power. I'll send your blog site to all I know.

9/07/2006 7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a vast right wing conspiracy!

9/11/2006 7:22 PM  
Blogger Counter Mag said...

must have been the "vast right wing conspiracy" eh?

9/13/2006 12:43 PM  
Blogger Van said...

Hmm. No one (or so it was thought) reading one of the JOURNAL's is under the impression that they are reading a capital "N" Newspaper - it's local gossip, oh look at little Johnny & Janey in their sports team photo, oh look, there’s a new Shopping Center going in around the corner, etc. Most of them are also free, supported from add revenue & fee's paid by little Johnny & Janey's sports team to run their photo.

For News, you get a Newspaper, not a JOURNAL.

Most people pick up on that pretty quickly.

9/13/2006 1:01 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Well, I agree with your last comment in part, van. But my point was that most people in the eleven states of my admittedly sparse and hurried survey, do not pick up a "newspaper," for one is not easily available. Plus, they feel that a daily paper in a community of 100,000 or so, though it be named a JOURNAL, ought to be a newspaper, like one named POST or TRIBUNE, REGISTER, or TIMES.

Still, your point could be seen as criticism of those mainly Republican citizens in those red states for NOT picking up a "newspaper." Satisfied to be uniformed, are they? Is that your message?

9/13/2006 3:18 PM  
Blogger Van said...

Why waste money on a Post, Tribune, Times etc, when you can get them all - including their opposing slants on the same stories, at no charge on the web?

Since we're not allowed to burn paper in the fireplace anymore, it's kind of pointless. ;-)

9/13/2006 3:25 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Interesting observation. Perhaps the operative phrase is"can get them all," since we both know most people do not read a plural number of on-line newspapers, even though they "can." Opposing viewpoint articles? Really a good idea.

Again, my observations tell me most do not even read columnists they know are from the other party. If they read blog posts from the other side, they often feel compelled to publish comments calling those they disagree with various ugly names, with no logical arguments...or even illogical ones... to refute the opposing views. I am not sure what that says about them. Perhaps, as a psychologist, you can shed light on that phenomenon.

9/14/2006 11:09 PM  
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