Thursday, October 05, 2006

There is so much in the political news these past few days to cause gasps, head shakes, pursed lips, sadness, and disbelief that an old curmudgeon hardly knows where to begin a rant.

But consider this item. Henry Kissinger has been outed in Bob Woodward’s new book, STATE OF DENIAL, as being a regular advisor to both Cheney and Bush on the Iraq war. Kissinger confirmed that it is true. News broadcasts now also have played a clip of a pre-publication Woodward interview with Cheney where the vice president acknowledges the close relationship and admits that Bush also sits regularly with Kissinger, the former Viet Nam War “consultant.” (Actually, he was Nixon’s National Security Advisor.) The “Kissinger-as-Bush-advisor role” had not been public before the book’s release. I wonder if Condi knew. Or Rumsfeld.

The revelation helps explain so much about the war and perhaps the White House secrecy behind it! Kissinger’s role also raises many questions. I’ll quit with just one sarcastic query: Whassa matter, wasn’t Robert McNamara available?